M4A3 (Tamiya) Build #29 – Final Details added and Completion

One last thing I want to do is to add rolled up tarps. I looked at AM resin sets but that’s just what they look like…resin. I decided to try something I’d read about. Taking paper towels or tissues (without texture), cut them to size and fold and roll them, and then soak them in diluted white glue. Tie them as desired, drape over the vehicle as desired, then set them aside to dry. Once thoroughly dry, paint and install. I placed plastic wrap between the soggy tissues and the model and draped as desired:

2015-11-21 01

It took a couple of days for them to dry completely, but once dried they were painted, pastels added, and then the rope was also put on that would have held things in place:

The pastels came out for dusting things up a bit and I added more fuel spills…and DONE:

2015-11-21 02

2015-11-21 03

2015-11-21 04

2015-11-21 05

2015-11-21 06

2015-11-21 07

2015-11-21 08

2015-11-21 09

2015-11-21 10

2015-11-21 11

2015-11-21 12

2015-11-21 14

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