SR-71A Blackbird (Testors) Build #25 – A Pause in the Action

If you’ve been following this build, by now you know I’m not remotely thrilled with the decal situation I have to deal with. They’re too thick. Could I make them work? My Ego tells me “DEFINITELY.” However, it’s the very same Ego that on more than one occasion landed me in the ER telling the attending nurse/doctor, “Well, it seemed like a good idea…”

It wasn’t. Ever.

I’m NOT PLEASED with the results of my decal-making endeavor(s). I was just about to bite the bullet (where the hell did that phrase originate, anyway?) and continue when I heard a rumor that Caracal Models (manufactured by Cartograph!) is producing two new sheets for the SR-71 Blackbird! I contacted Caracal and the rumor is correct. Since this build isn’t for me, I discussed this new development with the person this build is for. Thankfully, he’s a craftsman (different mediums) and understands that the time “saved” now taking shortcuts results in something that’s never really correct…and every time the eye falls on it, the thought, “Why the intercourse didn’t I wait and do it properly?!” follows.

So I’m waiting and doing it properly.

At present, I have about 775 hours into this thing. What…like I should take a shortcut now?!

I’m going to put this thing (safely) away and covered for now. In the meantime, I’m going to start a different project.

See y’all here when the decals are in hand! (And hopefully at the next build as well.)

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